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There are many functional parts in cars, such as car air conditioners and car lamps. Automotive functional parts have high requirements for moulds, like the shape of automotive lamp mould, which require very high standards. The production of the car lamp moulding machine we use is determined by the properties of the specific plastic material.

In addition to the customized auto lamp plastic moulding machine, injection moulding technology is the key to the injection moulding production of car lamp moulds. Because auto lamps are generally transparent, they are used in the automobile industry and have high-quality requirements. Therefore, no mistakes can be made in the moulding of auto lamps. This requires very high auto moulding technology and the most accurate mould opening technology.

The steel material of the car lamp mould is better, because the car lamp is a transparent part that needs high brightness, so the steel material is generally stainless steel material, such as S136 or better steel material, to ensure the smoothness of the product and the quality of the product. What is important is the life and durability of the lamps. Due to the need for matching, size is also critical. ANO has imported advanced processing machines, which are beyond doubt in terms of accuracy.

ANO Mould is a professional China manufacturer of high-precision and high-quality car lamp mould. ANO Mould has machines of different tonnages specially prepared for mould trial. Our trial team has rich experience.

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