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Ano Mould is a well-known automotive mould manufacturer in China. We serve the automotive industry and produce customized automotive interior moulds and plastic interior parts. Such as door panel series moulds, exhaust fan moulds, control panel moulds, other auto interior parts moulds. Ano has developed automotive door moulds for international automotive OEM brands. We provide auto door trims with excellent quality and short delivery time.

When an automotive is assembled, it requires high precision for the dimensions of the interior parts of the auto. Generally, the final installation process of the whole vehicle assembly of the automotive interior parts, all assembly dimensional tolerances, will be accumulated in this link. If the dimensions of the automotive interior mould manufacturing process do not fully meet the requirements of the 3D drawings, then the interior products will not be installed smoothly, resulting in assembly difficulties. During the processing of interior parts moulds, high-precision processing equipment is required, and the size needs to be inspected. In addition, an excellent ejection system can avoid product deformation caused by ejection difficulties. Reasonable gate location can avoid welding marks.

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