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Anomould Excels at NPE 2024 Exhibition

The company's participation at NPE 2024 was met with widespread acclaim, earning Anomould recognition for its commitment to excellence and innovation.
05 / 13 - 2024

ANO Participates in Recent Mold Exhibition, Showcasing Innovative Technologies and Products

Leading company in the mold industry, ANO, recently achieved success at the latest exhibition, showc...
11 / 21 - 2023

ANO Successfully Achieves GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

ANO, a leading enterprise dedicated to the production of molds, has recently successfully obtained the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, marking a significant milestone in the company's commitment to quality management.
11 / 21 - 2023

China exterior decoration mould manufacturer

As a China exterior decoration mould manufacturer, we provide customers with high-quality plastic automotive exterior decoration moulds.
10 / 30 - 2020

What is an auto lamp mould?

What is an auto lamp mould? Auto lamp moulds generally use pc or ABS, which has good permeability and high requirements on the surface of the product.
10 / 23 - 2020

China car lamp mould manufacturer

ANO Mould is a professional China manufacturer of high-precision and high-quality car lamp mould.
09 / 15 - 2020

How to make car door mould?

Find here a China manufacturer specializing in auto mould, and provide you with solutions for auto door mould, car door panel moulding, etc.
09 / 02 - 2020

Material and process characteristics of plastic car lights

The following important points need to be paid attention to: the influencing elements of the stable forming of car lights, Common problems in car taillight design, Key points of screw design
08 / 26 - 2020

Light guide injection moulding

ANO is China high-quality plastic light guide manufacturer and Led light guide mould supplier with extensive manufacturing experience.
08 / 21 - 2020

Automotive mould design analysis

Design of automotive mould slider, Design of inclined roof of automotive mould, Automotive mould straight top design, Automotive mould thimble design, Automotive mould cooling design
08 / 15 - 2020
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