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With the improvement of technology, the proportion of automotive plastic moulds is increasing. The development of automotive plastic moulds is conducive to driving the lightweight development of the automotive industry.

Since the beginning of the car, a large amount of steel has been used to make it. This is mainly due to the process environment and manufacturing technology at that time. With technological innovation, more and more new materials have replaced steel, and now more and more auto parts are made of plastic. Especially automotive exterior parts.

The exterior decoration moulds we supply include:

Anomould provides professional exterior decoration mould solutions, exterior decoration moulding and other technologies. As a China exterior decoration mould manufacturer, we provide customers with high-quality plastic automotive exterior decoration moulds. We have a complete quality management system, high-precision processing equipment, and strict mould size control concepts and monitoring equipment. Anomould has passed ISO/TS16949Q quality management certification. Be able to develop and design synchronously with automotive OEMs, assist in the early stage of vehicle development, automotive product design, automotive product analysis, etc., and have experience in the manufacture of foreign automotive interior and exterior moulds, and the production of interior and exterior products.

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