What is an auto lamp mould?


Ano mould has passed the certification of the automobile industry system and cooperated with many domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop auto lamp moulds. Anomould's auto lamp mould project has gradually been recognized.

Auto lamp moulds are generally divided into two levels: OEM auto lamp mould and second-hand market auto lamp mould. OEM Auto lamp moulds have stricter requirements and size control, and relatively speaking, the requirements of the second-hand market are much looser. OEM manufacturers and 4S car shops have a great demand for these car lamps, and they usually buy them from OEM factories; while products in the second-hand market are generally sold to car maintenance and repair shops, their prices will be much cheaper.

What is an auto lamp mould? Auto lamp moulds generally use pc or ABS, which has good permeability and high requirements on the surface of the product. The appearance can achieve high brightness without other treatment. The auto lamp mould is controlled by the mould temperature machine to control the mould temperature, and the hot runner, solenoid valve and time relay control the time-sharing of the glue, so as to produce the high-end auto lamp with bright appearance, no shrinkage, no welding marks and other defects.

Ano mould has the most advanced auto lamp mould processing equipment in the industry and a strong technical mould manufacturing team. If you are looking for a high-quality China auto lamp mould manufacturer, please contact us.

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