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What is the type of auto light mould or auto lamp mould? auto lamps are tools for automotive lighting, and they play a very important role in the safety of automotive. They can be divided into front lamps, rear lamps, turn signals, and license plate lamps, etc. To make a good set of auto lamps requires a good set of auto lamp mould. We design different auto lamp moulds according to the different requirements of customers. The auto lamp mould belong to the exterior parts moulds, the lamps have to withstand many external forces and environmental effects. As an important part of an automotive, the most commonly used steel material for the lamp mould is S136, NAK80, etc. Appropriate steel materials for auto lamps can ensure the smoothness and quality of lights, as well as the life and durability of auto lamps.

Anomould is a high-precision, high-quality auto lamp mould manufacturer in China. Anomould has developed a variety of lamp moulds, and has extensive experience in auto light and auto lamp moulds. We use advanced processing equipment to make the surface of auto lamp moulds look brighter, thus saving mould polishing time. In order to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the mould, we use coordinate measuring instruments and projection measuring instruments to measure the cavity, core and other parts of the auto lamp mould. In addition, we use injection moulding machines of different tonnages to inspect the quality of the mould, and through long-term repeated operations to ensure that the mould meets the quality requirements.

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